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We sail along on the sea of life ln the ship of the church. Often, we are buffeted by the storms of life. And waves of problems flow over and around us. us. Sometimes we feel we are sinking, but always ahead of us is the light of Resurrection on which we fix our eyes. Here is the promise to which we cling bringing peace and calm that keeps us afloat even when the waves rise high threatening to drown us. Our faith provides a path of light stretching before us..   

Draw us ever on precious Lord until we are one in glory.


It might be dark where we are now but keep looking ahead where God's healing light and power promise calm and peace and that is the truth of our present reality.


The picture speak to me of just as I feel inside today. But I am reminded that no matter how bad the storm the rocks remain firm..They will emerge after the storm in the light of a new day. They may be a bit more battered and worn but they survive to live another day. We too have to stay strong in our faith so that when life 'batters us,' we can remain firm in the rock of our faith. Then we will emerge in the light of the love of Jesus as He greets us and welcomes us into another day. I am reminded that even when the storms of life hide Him from us, He is in fact always there. So we hold on to Him until the storm is over, our sight restored and perhaps a bit wiser.