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All around us there are dangers. They may be spiritual or physical. We can’t see far ahead of us and it looks a bit foreboding. Yet if we trust in God, He will provide us with a way through.

 However, the path will not be easy. We find it difficult to see. Around us are threats to our well- being. But, Jesus doesn’t say His path is easy to follow; Jesu’ Way is not an easy one, but  He will be with us providing us with strength to deal with whatever happens  so that we overcome all dangers.

  Sometimes we make progress and we wade through the things that are threatening to drown our faith and clouding our vision of the future. If we trust in Our Lord, even when our troubles

flow over us we can still keep to the right path, Jesus’ Way’.

   Jesus the ‘Water of Life’ is healing gentle water, the waves of love which cleanse us of the evil within us and without. But we must let go all that threatens us; let these things flow into oblivion while Jesus holds on to us, unwilling to let us fall and if necessary, carrying us along the way until we reach our true destination.

 None of us can see the end ahead but with Jesus, there is nothing to fear. His love will light up any darkness, transforming it and revealing that beautiful place that is waiting for us.


Just as the flowers start to bloom the frost can return and nips at the young plants causing damage. Sometime too the March winds blow against the delicate stems causing them to bow over and while some might be uprooted, many of our hardy Spring flowers seem to come through. Although a bit battered and bruised they carry on to maturity showing triumph over adversity.

  There are many amongst us who began their lives firmly rooted in the good soil of the church which continues to nourish the growth of their faith. They too have found themselves battered by problems and difficulties in their lives which have threaten to destroy their faith. Some have succumbed to these storms and been uprooted from the church and have never returned.

  Others have found that although their faith has taken a battering they have hung on to it and have come through the bad times to witness how being firmly grounded in their faith has enabled them to triumph over adversity. No matter what life has thrown at them, they emerge from their difficulties still proclaiming the greatness of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and are wonderful witnesses and examples to others of what it means to have this faith and to be part of His church on Earth.

Open my eyes Lord to all that I can learn from nature around me. Keep me strong in my faith and when the storms of life blow around me may the Holy Spirit through His grace strengthen me so that I may endure all that life can throw at me. Held safe in Your love, I know that nothing can separate me from You and I

will one day be with you in the place You have prepared for me for ever,  Amen.