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Photograph by Canon Peter Brooks


Here we have stepping stones. We can walk up them or we can walk down them. Where are they going and to what do they lead? From where have they come and why are they there? The water suggests that sometimes during the year water floods down them and it might be difficult then to walk along them.

 The greenery is healthy and abundant suggesting that in its place it is well nourished and watered.

If you and I were standing on one of those stones, in which direction would we choose to go?

 Life is full of stepping stones. They represent stages we reach in our lives which God has placed there in order to help us to negotiate the watery, sometimes calm, sometimes stormy, sometimes dry episodes which surround us and affect our faith and spiritual growth. The greenery suggests to me that if we trust Him and seek His way, our faith and witness will flourish, well nourished by His love and blessed by Jesus the water of life. His stepping stones will lead us ever upwards to His Kingdom if we use them correctly.

 We can use those stepping stones guided by God or we can try to negotiate them in our own way. If we choose our own way we my slip and fall and take a tumble and have to find God’s way again and clamber back on to His stepping stones, somewhat bruised and dishevelled but determined to walk His way again.

   From where have we come, what have we experienced so far and what is ahead of us? Would we prefer to stay where we are or perhaps go back into our pasts to a place we were most comfortable? Or do we want to press onwards and upwards with God holding our hands and helping us on the next stage when we are anxious and afraid of what might lie ahead?


 I place my hand in Yours’ my Father, and I will go with You, always conscious that Jesus my Lord and Saviour helps me on to each new stepping stone which You have placed here to help me to make my way to the end where I can rest in You.