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At the end of the year, nature is at its most beautiful as it prepares for its winter sleep. It has borne the snow and the frost, the floods and the heat of the sun. It has endured winds and storms and survived. Its beauty is a sign of a life well lived and beautiful to the end.

 What will our lives show when we prepare for our rest? Will we witness to lives well spent in the service of our Lord? Will we have survived what life has thrown at us?

  Will our age bear a beauty of its own coloured by the experiences God has given us, willing to let go and trust ourselves to Him? As we shed what the world considers beautiful to be adorned only by the beauty of a life painted by God, will we end our lives with the witness of a gentle surrender to our creator that tells others there is nothing to fear?

  Nature shows us that we have a duty to God to sing His praises up to our last breath and then to let ourselves go to rest enfolded by the warm earth of His love to be reborn in the new life He has prepared for us.

We see the river that continually flows providing refreshment and life for all that grows near it. Right to the end, Jesus the water of life sustains us and we travel with Him flowing on to the eternal life He has prepared for us.